COLLECTOR Thomas Mazanec I got my slider implant in 2026, when they first came out. What I do is, I purchase a cheap piece of jewelry (since we learned to synthesize jewels and mine gold from sea water, I can get some pretty good stuff). Then I use the view option to scan for a promising looking timeline, one where Cleveland looks different, but not a mass of charred rubble. I go as far up the Masterson Asymptote as I can, usually at least 250 year Point of Divergence. This ensures that the area at least speaks recognizable English but is different enough to be interesting. I look for an area where there are no people around, and then slide in. I start early morning when I have all day to explore. First, I look for a pawn shop, so I can pawn the jewelry and get some local currency. Then I look for a book store. I ask for a reference almanac (like our World Almanac and Book of Facts). Sometimes it is a little hard to get my point across, and I get some funny looks, but eventually I buy the book. I take the book and change and look for somewhere where there are no people there, and slide back home. I put the book in my bookshelf and the change in a currency folder, labeled with my nickname for the timeline. It is fascinating to see how history developes in different timelines...for example, no timeline I have visited has landed a man on the Moon any sooner than we did, and no timeline has developed nuclear weapons without using them in warfare at least once. Everyone needs a hobby. Me, I'm a collector.