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Welcome to my vanity page. My name is Thomas R. Mazanec, and I will be happy to show you this little peek into my (aaahhhh!) mind. I was born March 5, 1958, in Cleveland, Ohio. I attended St. Wenceslaus Church and school in my hometown of Maple Heights, Ohio, and high school at St. Peter Chanel High School in Bedford, Ohio. I earned a B.S. degree in Astronomy from Case Western Reserve University in 1980 and a second B.S. in Computer and Information Science from Cleveland State University in Dec. 1983 (I had realized that I was not quite up to handling the math a professional astronomer uses). I then followed the usual Asperger's scenario of losing job after job, including two government jobs and a volunteer job, until God sent me to my former employer part time in 1992 and full time in 2001: Brendan Manor, a group home in Garfield Heights. I was the second shift staff manager and did cleaning, errands, medication assistance, screening visitors, inventory control, facility checking, handling emergencies and other duties as assigned. I have dabbled in a great number of hobbies - the more unusual, the better (think Art Bell). Oldies music, science fiction and surfing the web are the big three. Others have ranged from model rocketry to ufology to spy number stations on shortwave to "anthropomorphic" and "transformation" stories. I am a member of Ss. Cosmas & Damian Roman Catholic Parish, and my wish is to make the world a little better place because I was here.


Here are the "masterpieces" I have written.
TBP designates The Blind Pig universe
HEA designates the Human Extinction Agency universe
WOC designates the Winds of Change universe
MAM designates my own Mammaloids universe
Be warned! Often my stories are dark...even disturbing.
Also, remember...I hold the copyrights to them.
Feb. 2000 Aesop
Feb. 2000 Be Careful What You Say
Mar. 2000 TBP:One Day in a Nice Neighborhood
Mar. 2000 MAM: The Mammaloids
Mar. 2000 Birthday Wish
Apr. 2000 MAM:Just a Normal Conversation
May  2000 Dear Doctor Langley
Jun. 2000 HEA:Something to Think About
Jun. 2000 TBP:Faith Healing
Jun. 2000 TBP:The Neighbor
Jul. 2000 TBP:The Decision
Jul. 2000 WOC:How To Do It
Aug. 2000 WAKE UP!
Aug. 2000 The Sentence
Mar. 2001 TBP:The Babysitter
Apr. 2001 HEA:Thank You
Jul. 2001 One Saturday Afternoon
Aug. 2001 MAM:Watermelon Kids
Apr. 2002 MAM:How Much Is That Doggy
Jun. 2002 MAM:A Meeting of the Maple Heights Catholic Club
Jun. 2002 Dying Wish
Jul. 2002 Smash Flops
Sep. 2002 MAM:Talk Talk
Dec. 2002 Napster Rest In Peace
Jan. 2003 MAM:In a Room Underground...Somewhere
Feb. 2003 MAM:The Things We Do For Love
Apr. 2003 The United Nations?
May  2003 MAM:The Memo
Jun. 2003 The Second Amendment
Aug. 2003 Welcome to Saturday Morning 1
Aug. 2003 Welcome to Saturday Morning 2
Aug. 2003 Welcome to Saturday Morning 3
Aug. 2003 Welcome to Saturday Morning 4
Aug. 2003 Welcome to Saturday Morning 5
Sep. 2003 Perpendicular to Now
Oct. 2003 Project Phoenix
Jan. 2004 Stranger in a Strange Time
Apr. 2004 A Factor of Twelve Thousand
Jan. 2006 MAM:Temporal Aid Mission
Mar. 2006 A Child's Guide to Inter-timeline Travel
Apr. 2006 My Asperger's
May  2006 My Favorite Cryptid
Nov. 2006 Someone Is Missing at Christmas
Jan. 2007 Oldie of the Day
Feb. 2007 Snoopy for President
May  2007 Mammaloids vs. Reality
Jun. 2007 A Typical Day
Aug. 2007 Vacation Notes
Mar. 2008 The Saddest Song
Jan. 2009 Maybe We'll Get It Right This Time
Jan. 2009 Collector
Sep. 2009 Apophis
Sep. 2009 My Mother's Death
Sep. 2009 My Father's Death
Dec. 2011 MAM: Gentlemen, We Have Company
Oct. 2012 MAM: The Gathering Storm
Nov. 2012 Stranger in a Strange Land
Jun. 2013 MAM: The Election
Jun. 2013 Merhorse Love
Jun. 2013 Into the Sangamon
Jun. 2013 Castaway in Time
Sep. 2013 Time Fog
Oct. 2013 MAM: Turnabout Is Fair Play
Nov. 2013 MAM: The Quality of Mercy
Apr. 2014 MAM: Up the Ladder
Apr. 2014 MAM: Into the Frying Pan
Sep. 2021 GURPS Yinglet Racial Template


Mar. 2003
Brittany Greatbear, the artist responsible for the radically cool
web comic strip "Room For One More",
has done me the honor of introducing a character in her strip
whom I suggested to her. Ellipses the mongoose is scheduled
to debut here Introduction. THANK YOU, Brittany!
Apr. 2003
I have updated my "Smash Flops" page and my Hotlist.
Aug. 2003
"Welcome to Saturday Morning" is the latest and longest of my
writing projects, a serial I will be sporadically adding to,
depending on how Real Life (TM) treats me, of course.
I am taking part in an online project at the Alternate History
Discussion Forum. Mosaic Timelines Earth takes pieces of different
historical timeline alternate Earths and puts them together
in a crazy quilt world. The central part of "Brasil" from
my first bit of fiction "Aesop" is one such piece, updated to 2003.
For more detail on the background, see (now 404)
The Central European Crisis
A Lost Piece
Hawaii Time
Russia Lost
The Dome Crisis
The Dome War
Oct. 2003
Scott Teel has done me the honor of creating several tank designs from
the universe of my "Aesop" background, see his posting on the Alternate
History Discussion Forum at Mosaic Timelines Earth
dated Tuesday, September 30, 2003 - 07:44 pm (now 404)
and at Mosaic Earth Part 2 dated Friday, October 24, 2003 - 02:04 pm (also  404).
BTW, I have added a favorites icon to my site. It is based on the
symbol radical aesops and mammaloids use:a stick figure of a tailed
anthropomorphic animal.
Nov. 2003
I have begun a page where I irregularly put random opinions and
observations that are too short for their own page...kind of like a
blog but not so frequently updated and not commentable. You can see it here.
Also, I have updated my Hotlist.
Jan. 2004
I have added a special mentions area to my Hotlist.
Apr. 2004
I have decided to take up the hobby of rock tumbling.
If I do well, I might get a digital camera and post
some photos of my product!
Apr. 2005
Due to my father entering a nursing home 
(he is suffering  from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's),
I have moved from my lifelong home in Maple Heights
to an apartment in Garfield Heights.
Sep. 2005
My father passed away due to the C. diff germ. 
Please pray for his soul.
Feb. 2006
I have updated my blog.
Apr. 2006
The French timelines I refer to in "A Child's Guide to
Inter-timeline Travel" are based on the thread:
and the Mithran ones are based on this thread:
Also, I have updated my page on Napster.
In addition, a certain person has asked me to remove his name from one of my pages.
He contributed something he no longer wants on the same page as his name.
May 2006
I have updated my Hotlist.
Jun. 2006
I updated my Hotlist again, as well as my Smash Flops page.
Jul. 2006
Based on further research and communication with my psychiatrist,
I updated my Asperger's page.
Aug. 2006
My mission child, Victor Alejandro Sabillon Jimenez, has been dropped
from the program due to his family's financial situation undergoing
significant improvement. I will devote the money to supporting
Brendan Manor and a support group for Asperger's I am trying to start.
It will meet 1PM the second Saturday of the month, at Saint Wenceslaus
Church at 17825 Libby Road in Maple Heights in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Call 216-663-8023 for further information.
Also, I have updated my Smash Flops page.
Mar. 2007
My Asperger's support group is discontinued for lack of interest.
Also, I have added to my blog.
Apr. 2007
I have updated my Hotlist.
Also, years ago, I contributed lyrics to the Lyrics World website. Some of them were
rather "rough". I figured people would find the pages on Altavista (it was that long ago)
and email me the corrections, or send them into Lyrics World. It worked for awhile.
Paulo Filho of Brazil (the owner) assured me the site was backed up and would be maintained.
I figured if he died, the payments for the site would stop and it would go offline.
Then he vanished, but the website remains. I have received corrections over the years.
I only have the last couple years of my email, so I have lost some of them. But I have
collected the ones I can find and am putting them on a page. If you know others,
please email them to me and I will include them. BTW, I know "Daydream Believer"'s banter
is supposed to be "Just because I am short." It sounds like "Just because I am a sure
winner" to me, and that is what I put. Also, I had an email long ago that my misheard
line in "House on Pooh Corner" was "Under branches lit up by the moon."
To find my lyrics, google "Tom Mazanec to humans" which was my old signature line.
See Lyrics Corrections.
May 2007
Jun. 2007
I have visited the world of Nip and Tuck. See Cameo
Oct. 2007
I updated my Hotlist again.
Nov. 2007
I have updated my Lyrics Corrections page.
Apr. 2008
I have updated my blog.
Jun. 2008
I have visited the world of Goblin Hollow. See Cameo
Also, I have begun a "Tales of the Questor" fanfic (see link in Hotlist).
It is only available to registered forum members (free registration)>
See Worldquake (now 404)
Jul. 2008
I have updated my Lyrics Corrections page.
Sep. 2008
I am interviewed on television (WKYC Cleveland NBC Channel 3).
Besides giving a speech for nearly 1000 people, I have been seen by
countless others, talking about my Asperger syndrome.
Two quibbles: I never actually had a job in astronomy (just a degree),
and I learned of Brendan Manor through a job club (talked to the reporter
about an hour - guess that is a reasonable rate for reporter mistakes).
See link (now 404).
Jan. 2009
As Steve Jackson Games is taking my "Aesop" article off the web,
I have moved it to my own website and will make periodic updates.
It is a "furry" GURPS background.
May 2009
My newest hobby is pysanky eggs.
Jun. 2009
I have updated the Lyrics Corrections and blog pages.
Sep. 2009
Updated my blog again. Also my Hotlist.
Dec. 2009
I have written a fanfic set in the "Borribleverse" of Michael de Larrabeiti. To read it
go to Borrible.
Mar. 2010
I have revistied the world of "Nip and Tuck".
See HERE and
May 2010
For the last several years, Brendan Manor has been critically short on money. I have been
put on and off short hours a couple times. In Nov. 2009, I found out that Brendan Manor
would close down if this situation was not remedied by the end of the year. Actually, at
the end of the year we still had 14 of our 16 residents. But the finances had not improved,
and we began placing residents out...10, then 6, then 4, then 1 and finally none. We went
from three tables/medicine boxes to two, then one, then none. My hours went from eight a
day to six to three or four to one or two. I am now in the state where I am on call for
an hour or two whenever my boss needs me. I have taken advantage of the extra time to
update my hotlist and write another fanfic, this time in the "Moreauverse" of S. Andrew Swann.
To read it, go to Moreau.
Also, I have begun an online journal based on my short story "Maybe We'll Get It Right This Time".
To read go HERE and to comment go HERE.
Nov. 2010
I have moved from Garfield Heights to Twinsburg.
Oct. 2011
On the morning of the first day of this month, a world
record for the most hot air balloons launched in one hour
was set at Albuquerque, New Mexico...345 balloons (not to
mention a couple hundred or so in the next hour). And I was
there. It was beautiful.
Dec. 2011
I have updated my blog.
Aug. 2021
I have been scribbling a few short stories over the past seven years...nothing really different until now.
I have fallen in love with a webcomic called Out-Of-Placers.
I plan to greate a GURPS racial Template for the yinglet species depicted in this webcomic.
Also, I have commissioned Quantum Branching to make a map of my "Aesop" world from GURPS here: 
And here is the original Pyramid Magazine article, restored to the web:
Also I was one of the last Toastmasters to earn their DTM under the old system. Only ~2% of Toastmasters earn this highest honor.
I have updated my Hotlist.


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