THE MAMMALOIDS Tom Mazanec TIMELINE 2013-2019 The "Terrible Teens". Economic depression caused by energy crisis, followed by World War III (Sino-Muslim Coalition against Allies). Some use of bio-terrorism and battlefield nukes by Coalition, with limited retaliation by Allies. 100 million fatalities. 2031 Public exposure of existence of mammaloids, results of a "black project" from the war to create genetically upgraded animals for use as "disposable" soldiers in special situations where their natural abilities may come in handy. Their intelligence level is raised to at least human normal. They are made bipedal and able to manipulate objects almost as well as a human. Vocal abilities are only partial, you really have to be familiar with their "dialect" or listen very closely to understand them. 2034 Release of nanojuve, a treatment which reduces physical age to early maturity. At first it is widely believed that life spans would stretch to millennia, but later it is realized that struldbrugism, caused by irreversible changes in the brain resulting from daily learning and memory, limits the useable life span to approximately 200-250 years without amnesia causing brainwipes. Middle Century 21 Society and culture is torn apart by conflict over a view for the future. Young people are split into the "Garden" people, who seek "infinite diversity in infinite combination" and the "Perfect" people, who "seek the one perfect way." 2069 Loss of the Moonbase in a life support system failure. Since mammaloids were originally designed to be "expendable", the crew is replaced by mammaloids, rather than subjecting humans to the dangers of space. Late Century 21 Mammaloids become popular as "exotic pets" when progressing technology makes them economically affordable to the masses. Society becomes gridlocked by culture-wars and scandals, called the "Tercentennial Malaise". Technological progress and scientific research is virtually halted by humanity, leaving only the lunar mammaloids in advancement. 2096 Religious revolution in United States when fundamentalists, evangelicals and other right-wing conservatives finish capturing and controlling the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court. Begin the systematic extermination of all mammaloids. 2097 The National Mammaloid Regulatory Department kills 99% of all mammaloids by forcing other countries to kill or turn over their mammaloids under threat of nuclear attack. Survivors are only those who are hidden by friendly humans (at risk of their lives) or those who manage to hide out in wild areas. Attempts to "starve" out the lunar mammaloids by cutting supplies fails. 2098 _The Terrible Swift Sword_ is launched to neutralize the Moonbase. The battle-spaceship is destroyed by a gamma-ray laser array invented by the mammaloids. They then use the tesla cannon to destroy the American spaceports and major American cities, as well as Mecca when the Muslims refuse to revoke a fatwa against mammaloids. (The tesla cannon is a "souped up" super gauss gun or mass driver, firing silo-sized "bullets" at hundreds of kilometers per second, outrunning America's satellite anti-ICBM system and packing the kinetic energy of a *large* hydrogen bomb). The government refuses to capitulate until the nation literally unravels. First Human War casualties: 6 million mammaloids/100 million Americans. Early-Mid Century 22 Lunar mammaloids begin "upgrading" other species, eventually bringing about the "700 species" (actually 728). Details of the exact algorithm for upgrading the new species are varied and classified, to make germ warfare harder for humans. Also, colony ships are launched on an orbit toward Ceres, but are diverted to other asteroids in mid-flight. All human satellites are destroyed, as are any launched, by gamma-ray lasers. 2165 A small asteroid destroys much of southeast Australia. Since the anti-meteoroid system placed around Earth after the Montana Meteor of 2023 was destroyed by the mammaloids, they are blamed for the carnage. Riots kill many of the mammaloids functioning as military observers on Earth. An ultimatum is delivered to the UN, and rejected. On December 25, the mammaloids launch an attack against the human race, initially using killer nanites and, when human medical technology develops cures for this, escalating to antimatter bomb strikes. 2166 The _Vengeance_, a human battle-spaceship equipped with armor using a "reverse" laser effect to perfectly reflect the gamma-ray lasers of the mammaloids, attacks the Moonbase and destroys it, but the mammaloid government had secretly moved itself and much of the mammaloid population to Farside. The _Vengeance_ then proceeds to Ceres but finds it unoccupied. On the way back to Earth the captain stops at 2026TM-13 and discovers a mammaloid colony, which is destroyed. It is found that the colony was a creche populated solely by mammaloid rats, thousands of young with a few adults. The _Vengeance_ returns to Earth and informs the UN that there are apparently millions of mammaloids hidden among hundreds of thousands of asteroids throughout the belt. It is sent out to hunt down these colonies, but by the time it finds one, the mammaloids have figured out how to vary the wavelength of their gamma-ray lasers out of the "reverse" laser band. The _Vengeance_ is destroyed. 2169 By now, the surface of the planet is devoid of human life. A troglodyte civilization has arisen, since the deteriorating relations before the Second Human War, coupled with advanced construction technology, allowed many to escape underground before the surface became uninhabitable. Still, out of 20 billion humans in 2165, 8 billion hide underground and 12 billion have perished. The mammaloids lost 25,000 in the Second Human War, most at 2026TM-13. Finally, the mammaloids use Von Neumann machines to begin dismantling Mercury and assembling two Dyson Hemispheres around the sun. They then use these to power a giga-gamma-ray laser to vaporize Pluto. They tell the UN "Surrender or the next beam hits Earth." Earth surrenders. Late 22nd Century Mammaloids develop a chrysalis machine to transform individuals by species, sex, etc. Initially they take the most radical species bigots and turn them into mammaloids. Most of these take their own life. The mammaloids plan to fast-grow their population (doubling every decade) till they outnumber humans in about a century, and then mass-transform the whole human race. MAMMALOID SOCIETY (22nd Century) The mammaloids are a military dictatorship, dedicated to protecting themselves against Homo Sapiens. A mammaloid has a name of the following form: Gamma Grisnak-7 Mungos The commanding officer of the military observers on earth in 2165 was rank Gamma, the seventh (of any species) to be named Grisnak and was descended from the banded mongoose (genus Mungos). Personal names are chosen as 2 syllable words with no English meaning. The "generalissimo" was Alpha Meega-13 Crocuta. The ID number was pronounced "one-three" (not "thirteen", to avoid confusion with "thirty") and she (names are not distinguished by sex) was a spotted ("laughing") hyena. The mammaloids have a bell-shaped curve in politics. In c2200, most favor the long-term plan to transform humanity. The "hard-liners" want to exterminate humanity. The "moderates" want to incorporate humanity into a 729 species civilization, just one equal to the others. ANALYSIS This has some similarities to the HEA universe, but it is not a "Kobayashi Maru against the Organians". Humanity is *much* more evenly matched against the mammaloids (in spite of blunders in the two wars that got us into the mess we are in) and struggle against our fate would be far more interesting in this story universe. I am open to the human race winning a Third Human War, subject to the condition that the mammaloids *cannot* be annihilated to do it. There is also a lot of background to this universe that I could add (example: the "Christian Soldiers" were a First War boys organization, similar to the Boy Scouts or Hitler Youth), concerning mammaloid and human religions, culture, art, etc. (I had this universe in my head, in one form or another, back to my childhood in the early 1970s!). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS While a *lot* of science fiction goes into the stew that produced this universe, a couple sources deserve special mention. The Dyson Hemispheres were inspired by Marshall T. Savage's _The Millennial Project_(of course, he proposed them for much more peaceful uses!). I also used the generational theory of history, as I understand its depiction in the works of William Strauss and Neil Howe, to model my 21st Century America. I recommend reading their works...they may be the most important books of the 1990's.