NOTE: I published one article in Pyramid Magazine over 20 years ago, and have numerous GURPS worldbooks, but have never played or GMed a game. This is my own amateur attempt to create a racial template for the yinglet race featured in Valsalia's Out-Of-Placers web comic. Any errors are solely mine and are not the fault of either Steve Jackson Games nor Valsalia. Description: Yinglets are small (Size Modifier -2) egg-laying bipedal mammals. They are covered by fur and have a long tail. Their heads are long, with eyes much larger than human set more on the side of the head and stick out. The eyes have vertically slit pupils without an iris. The eyes are subject to nystagmus for one turn when the yinglet makes an IQ roll or fright check. Above each eye are two very long vibrissae. The ears are long and mobile. The neck is long and flexible. Arms are short but forearms are very long and thin. Legs are short but feet are very long, making it look like the legs "bend" the wrong way. Both feet and hands have an opposable thumb and three fingers, but each digit has only two segments. They have eight peg-like teeth and one long, dagger like shelltooth in the middle of the upper jaw, which will grow back in a month if lost. Note that the yinglet species is very prone to mutation and approximately half will vary from this description (see table). Yinglet saliva is antiseptic, analgesic and a coagulant. Also, this means that the following Advantages and Disadvantages are optional...while very common for the species they may be bought off or replaced with GM approval. The only sexual dimorphism visible to nonyinglets is a large tuft on the end of the female's tail. Breasts are small and not always visible. Egg batches are laid every twenty days in modern times (ancient yinglets nursed their younglets for several months which limited laying, but newly hatched younglets are able to eat solid food and are now raised by males). A yinglet and a lesser yinglet (a nonsapient proto-yinglet) will attempt to kill each other on sight. Attribute Modifiers: ST-5 DX+1 IQ-1 HT+3 Advantages (cost): Claws (3) Extra Arms (Foot Manipulators) (7) Flexibility (5) Less Sleep 4 (8) Reduced Consumption 2 (Cast Iron Stomach) (4) Shelltooth (treat as Teeth, Sharp Beak) (1) Disadvantages (cost): Absent-Mindedness (-15) Chummy (-5) Impulsiveness (-10) Lecherousness (-15) Low TL (3 levels) (-15) (urban yinglets can buy this off) Minority Group (-10) (ethnophaulism is 'scav') Short Attention Span (-10) Short Lifespan (2 levels) (-20) Uneducated (-5) (urban yinglets can buy this off) Notes: Yinglets are evolved from mollusk eating animals. Eating such food (especially clams) will cause an endorphin rush. Eating a surfeit of such foods will cause a kind of intoxication. Use the Wonderbooze rules from GURPS Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. If a yinglet makes a Fright Check it will also make a high-pitched scream. This will cause any yinglets within earshot to come to the aid of the yinglet, especially if said yinglet is female. If a female yinglet is threatened by something not her fault the aiding yinglets will give their lives for her. If a male yinglet is in danger from his own foolishness the other yinglets might just watch. Yinglets cannot emit this scream voluntarily. Because of the extreme sex ratio, and because of the anatomy of the male genitalia, male homosexuality is almost universal and casual. Also, half the Males are effeminate and decorate their tails as tufts or use makeup, for example. Heterosexuality is more formal and is controlled for eugenics purposes by the Matriarch. Progressives (see Politics) tend to emphasize Mental Advantages, Traditionists Physical Advantages. Only the best males get to breed, but females, unless hopelessly Disadvantaged, have a Duty to breed as often as possible. Some yinglets have decided to adopt themselves as human servants (effectively pets) and have the Valuable Property Disadvantage. Others are sex slaves at brothels (because of the flexibility and elasticity of the genital-cloacal pouch this is possible) and also have this disadvantage. Yinglets also have a rather immature sense of humor. For example, if hiding or sneaking up on a NPC who farts, they must make a Will Roll to avoid laughing. Yinglets (or characters familiar with yinglets) get +5 on Detect Lies of yinglet characters because of involuntary "tells" of deception. Society: The basis of the yinglet society is the Enclave, a village sized collection of yinglets. The Enclave is ruled by a Matriarch (Status 2), who is the most capable adult female in the population. In addition to ruling the Enclave she is responsible for arranging the breeding of the members of the Enclave such as to make most benefit of their genetic diversity and disparity and preserving yinglet culture. Under her are Ladies, adult females who are potential successors; and Patriarchs, the males most proficient in some field of endeavor, both Status 1. Enclaves do not necessarily have a Patriarch for every possible field, so one that had once had a Patriarch of Architecture may have old buildings from his time still standing, but newer ones are prone to collapse. Under these are Professionals (Status 0) who assist the Patriarchs, then below them common yinglets (Status -1). Lowest are exiles who have been banished from the Enclave to make their way on their own (Status -2). Females lay a clutch of 4-8 eggs a 20 day cycle starting the first time they are impregnated. If they engage in coitus with two or more males early in a cycle the younglets will combine characteristics of all the fathers. Younglets are raised in a creche system and do not necessarily know who their parents are. Demographically five out of six yinglets hatched are male (2-6 on 1D). Yinglets use a slapping match as a dominance fight. It is now known that extrememly rare artifacts or potions (TL12^ or Magic) can transform a human into a yinglet. Politics: Yinglets are currently confronted by the dilemma of a primitive culture confronting a more advanced one. Yinglets are TL0, while humans are TL3. This has produced two political factions. One, that could be called the Traditionalists, seeks to maintain as much as possible of the native yinglet culture and take as little as possible from that of the humans, often going so far as to eschew clothing in any but the very coldest weather. They tend to replace the dental fricative phonemes ('th') with the voiced alveolar stop ('d'). They dominate in the southern part of the continent where the yinglet species originated. The other, which could be called the Progressives, favor utilizing the advantages of human society and culture to improve yinglet life. They usually replace the dental fricative with the voiced alveolar sibilant ('z'). They are predominant in the northern part of the continent where humans have long lived. Traditionalists react to humans at -2. Progressives react to humans as normal, except for "human chasers" who react at +2. Racial skills: Acrobatics Climbing Scrounging Survival Most yinglets are trained in Spear. Quirks and Perks: Cathemeral - awake for five hours and sleep for one. Treat each six hour period as a whole day for missed sleep. Unable to eat grain or grain products - roll against HT at -5 to avoid vomiting if any eaten and if successful suffer nausea with -3 on DX and IQ rolls for six hours. Wider field of vision - Treat peripheral vision hexes as normal vision. Fur High-pitched voice unable to pronounce dental fricatives Mutation Table Roll 2D or use table as inspiration: 11 Mishatched mess - additional limbs and/or sensory organs. 12 Gigantism (SM -1) 13 Dwarfism (SM -3) 14 Hemophilia 15 Weird pelt (green) 16 Short limbs 21 Weird pelt (spotted) 22 Long limbs 23 Weird pelt (striped) 24 Visible irises 25 Short snout and ears 26 Long, pendulous tongue 31 Short snout and ears 32 Shelltooth in lower jaw 33 Extra teeth 34 Weird pelt (blue) 35 Angora (gain Thick Fur Advantage) 36 Extra teeth 41 Three segments in digits (+1 to DX) 42 Excess size for limbs (Lame disadvantage) 43 Blind 44 Deaf 45 Cannot Speak 46 Extra teeth 51 No Sense of Smell/Taste 52 Visible iris 53 Five digits per hand/foot 54 Albino 55 No shelltooth 56 Two shellteeth 61 No fur 62 Extra teeth 63 Colorblind 64 No tail 65 Roll twice and combine 66 Roll twice and combine