Welcome to Saturday Morning 4 Tom Mazanec Skreea entered the hastily doubled up barracks and took a look at his new bunkmate. The possum looked more like a rat than he did, and he *was* a rat. "Skreea" he said. "Flithip" replied the possum, who stood up and limped a few yards over to give him room. "Your leg bad?" asked Skreea. "I was in a battle a couple months ago, just before the Avalons stopped coming down here. I was the last one of the squad left and out of ammunition. I played dead among the bodies while the enemy was doing things to make sure they were dead and shouting 'Praise the Lord!' and 'Hail Jesus!'" He grimaced and strained in what seemed to be great pain. "They smashed a rock into my knee. I have the Memory, so everytime I think about it, I feel it all over again, just like it was happening all over again... but that time I did not flinch!" "Just don't think about it, then" suggested Skreea. "Just sit on your bunk for five minutes and don't think about an elephant!" snapped the possum. "Were you a born aesop, or made?" "I was made." "I have heard that made aesops with the Memory can recall...before..." "Yes, like remembering a dream. A member of the Quilt of Life found me, and smuggled me here, out of Avalon, at risk to his life." said Flithip. "And just when we get them on the ground, we are ordered to cease fire, and then pulled back twenty miles, just because of some silly fairy tale about other worlds, and I have three bunkmates instead of just one!" "They are not fairy tales. Look into my eyes...I saw a strange town on the horizon out of my biscopes, from atop a hill, just before we were pulled back to here." "Then there are other worlds where everything possible has happened? One where my leg is normal?" "Millions where your leg is normal, millions where you have lived and died a normal possum, and many millions where you do not even exist at all. In Columbia, where a week ago was Hispania Minor, there is a human. I heard, whose family fled from his world's Avalon, called America, after a war they fought in 1962 with atomcore bombs. He was a child in 1962 and his family took him south to escape the bomb's dust, which causes killing sickness and warped births. He was scarred by the flash of the bomb and flying glass, so he did not even look like some Aesop, much less a human. In the world where the United Kingdom came from and replaced our England, that war was avoided and that human was visiting on a trip the United Kingdom. They just confirmed that they have the same handprints. Two people, the same person and yet as different as can be, both in this new world!" "Still, they are human, even if they are not Avalon. How can we trust them?" "You admit a human risked his life to save yours. Not all humans are bad." "Yes, but would you want your sister mated to one?" Skreea snorted. "Bah, even a human wouldn't say something *that* stupid! We have killed hundreds of citizens of this new country by mistake, and I have had enough killing and more already. Since we made the first move of violence, we should make the first move of trust." "I hope we are not giving this Amazon Commonwealth the rope with which they can hang us with, then." grumbled Flithip. "Well, it is very difficult to make predictions, especially about the future." replied Skreea. "It is very easy to make predictions about the future. The hard thing is making predictions which are correct!" Flithip laid back down on the bunk, while Skreea gazed ot the window at the setting sun. Soon, the other two occupants of the little room should arrive, and they would have to work out how to occupy their quarters without driving each other into lunacy, at least until someone decided to build more barracks or move them again.