Mammaloids Vs. Reality Tom Mazanec It is seven or eight years since I sketched out my Mammloids Future History. How are things progressing in the real world? Oil Depression Google "Peak Oil". This was a cloud the size of a man's hand on the horizon at Y2K. Now it is a looming disaster. Every year the cost of gasoline is higher than the year before. Petroleum goes into everything...plastics, fertilizer for food, transportation...and it is only a string of bubbles (housing, stock, credit/debt) that has kept a recession away. I dated this as beginning in 2013. We may have it sooner, as the slope of oil production continues to slide. Already the production of oil is stable and no longer rising, in spite of record high prices. But increasing demand is continuing. The price also seems sensitive to "oil shocks" like politics in the Middle East, hurricanes, etc., becoming very volatile and rising and falling with every news bulletin. This seems to be a sign of a market teetering on the edge. World War Three Go to and see a theory of historical progress (quite plausible IMHO) which shows why a coming Clash of Civilizations World War is likely to begin in this generation. Flash points for this war are North Korea (my Coalition), China over the Taiwan issue (My Coalition), India (Allies) vs. Pakistan (Coalition) over Kashmir, Russia (Allies) over the Muslims in the Caucasus (Coalition), Israel (Allies) vs. Arabs (Coalition) is just scary how the pieces seem to be falling into place. Read his Web Log to see news which counts a lot more than who is winning on "Survivor" or "American Idol". The only thing I got wrong is the scale of the war. I projected 100 million deaths, it will probably be more than that. Maybe a LOT more. I also put Russia on the same side as America because, frankly, I wanted Civilization to survive and I could not see that with Russia vs. America. I also wanted the Depression far enough into the future to allow alternate energy technology to later take up the slack. Hope I wasn't off in that. Mammaloids I imagined these as being a "Black Project" of the military to create races of Jannissaries. I did this because that was the only way I could see of getting them into existance by 2019, so they would be within the "event horizon" (expected lifetime) of most of the readers. That is also the reason I had nanojuve, a "cure" for "aging", so soon. I wanted the readers to be able to imagine "What would I do in such a situation as the late 21st Century here?" The intersting thing is that the technology of chimerae, fusions of human and animal zygotes, is progressing so fast that even my Church, which has the manuverability of a supertanker, is starting to look into this issue. I was so scandalized by the Church's waiting until the 59th minute of the 11th hour in the priest pedophilia scandle that I had them do the same with the Mammaloids. There is also the technolgy of implanting a fertilized human egg nucleus into an animal cell. See and The later mentions inserting human neurons into a mouses brain, yet another technolgy blurring the species line. I am gratified that, while the Catholic ethicists are not condoning these experiments, they are bringing up the issue of what rights and duties a creature such as a "humanzee" would have in moral theology. They are not simply knee jerk calling them "demonic puppets" or "meat machines" as I have the bulk of Christianity doing for decades after their arrival. Maybe the future of such "mammaloids" will not be as grim and dark as I portrayed. The Singularity This is the concept that, some time in this century, technologies of Moore's Law applied to Artificial Intelligence, and/or development of Intelligence Augmentation techniques, would allow the development of a society and culture which would be as unimaginable and inconceivable, even if we were exposed to it, that they would be to us like a Homo neanderthalensis exposed to the World Wide Web. I was aware of this idea at the time I constructed my timeline, and I am cautiously optimistic that it could actually occur. But obviously I could not write about would be a time of the change of the past millennium happening in a month, so smart would our future successors be. So I did not include it.